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Diaspora Hindu parents are saddled with the unenviable task of raising their children in what qualifies as near-hostile environments. According to a recent study from the UK, 51% of parents of Hindu school students reported that their children experienced anti-Hindu hate in schools, though only 1% was reported. A whopping 81% of parents reported that schools fall short of identifying anti-Hindu hate. Though the report is based on data from the UK, anecdotal evidence from many Hindu parents in the USA strongly suggests the prevalence of the very same problems. 


In addition, American academia has taken a turn for the worse with many universities supporting or tolerating anti-Hindu bias targeting their students. Mainstream media and social media too are replete with anti-Hindu hate as is American politics. A lot of anti-Hindu hate can be traced back to the school curriculum and the way Hinduism is presented and taught to children. Typically the complex metaphysics of Hinduism is reduced to  ‘caste’, ‘idol worship’, ‘polytheism’, and such stereotypes. Not surprisingly Hindu children are so traumatized by the time they graduate from universities that many disown their heritage and religion. While this phenomenon is very common in the diaspora, very few parents are courageous enough to make their heartbreaking ordeal public. 


The problem is exacerbated by the absence of an evidence-based presentation of Dharmic history, thought, and understanding of the actual lived reality of Hindus.


Hindu Parents Network presents The Beautiful Tree program to address these shortfalls. The program covers a wide range of topics related to the Dharmic worldview beginning with the introduction of Hindu Dharma, the latest research on the rich history of the Indian subcontinent, the essentials of a Hindu way of life, and ensuring that posterity inherits our precious civilizational memory. The program is fashioned simply and diaspora Hindu kids find relatable.   

Following are the overarching goals of the Beautiful Tree Program

  • Fostering Hindu values and a plural vision of life
  • Positive Hindu American/Canadian identity rooted in Dharma
  • A broader yet nuanced understanding of Hindu dharma & Indian history
  • Filling the gaps in the temple weekly program and parental teaching

While Hindu kids will highly benefit from the program at a personal level by improving their own understanding of their ancestors and their way of life, it also serves as a greater good for our complex world by preserving ancient ideas which enabled a huge multi-cultural, multi-racial, multilingual population coexist peacefully, creating and sustaining a civilization that stood the test of time despite myriad differences, environmental challenges, invasions, and colonization.

Program structure

The program is divided into the following courses.
Each course approximately lasts for 12-18 weeks (approximate estimate).

Access and Timing

The sessions will be hosted on zoom on weekly basis. There are four existing batches (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday).

Thursday: 8-9 pm ET (New Batch)
Saturday: 2-3 pm ET
Saturday: 3:30-4:30 pm ET (New Batch)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is a program for middle school students (Ages 10-15) to explore Hindu Dharma, culture, history, Indian civilization, the scientific contribution of India, and social justice from within the Dharmic framework. Each week, HPN teachers host 1-hour sessions on these topics.

Each quarter will have its own theme covering one of the following topics. 

  • Hindu Dharma Basics
  • Hindu Dharma Intermediate

  • Ancient Hindu History 

  • Medieval India and Colonization

  • Hindu science

  • Hindu civilization

  • Dharma and social justice

  • Misconceptions against Hindu Dharma

The students are expected to learn a broader framework of Hindu Dharma along with lesser-known facets of India that can help deepen their dharmic roots. The chosen topics and lessons of the Beautiful Tree program are specifically devised based on the learning gap identified by Hindu Parents Network in children’s middle school years.
The BTP classes will be hosted in the Zoom meeting. We intend to provide an open and interactive classroom atmosphere. The teacher will be interacting with a small group of students. The teacher will encourage open discussions among participants.
The Beautiful Tree program is open to Hindu American/Canadian middle school students (aged 10-15).
The length of the entire BTP program is up to three years.
Please fill up the registration form and make a payment. Registration is strictly first-come, first-served basis.
If a student is accepted to the program, the student/parents will receive a confirmation email. Following registration, they will also receive emails regarding reference materials and relevant information regarding the program.
The students are expected to devote at least 1-1.5 hours on weekly basis. This expectation does not include the optional self-study to read recommended resources.
Yes, registered participants receive the session recording after their weekly session. Access to the recording will be available for up to three months.
You can request cancellation anytime by sending us an email at Provided we receive a cancellation request at least 7 days before month end, the cancellation request will take effect from next month onwards. There will be no refund issued for the current month.
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