A Guide for Hindu Parents to Prevent Their Children from Becoming an Incurable

The recruitment actually begins real early. In early-late childhood. An age where nothing is under your control, not even your natural bodily functions like urinating and the rest. Other people, mostly your parents, do your work for you. Even the notion of using the word “parents” in the plural…

The Woke-Bullying of Our Hindu American Children: Media Narratives & The School Years

“When you’re eight in America and your parents grew up in a different country, it’s not exactly the same as it is for other eight year olds. Sometimes, when you’re around eight, you start thinking that you need to protect your parents from the truth of what this place is. Sure, you’re still a kid, and they still…

Saving Hindu Children: Basic Things Hindu Parents can do

I think that the present trend of parental denunciations is very revealing – these kids/young adults are so certain of their moral superiority over their parents that they are ready to go anywhere. It’s not like earlier teen-rebellions. When we were teenagers and we rebelled, it never seemed like we were doing something.

The First 18 Years of Life

The Bhagavad-Gita has 18 chapters, divided into three sections of six chapters each. The first six chapters are commonly understood to be about Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Action. Chapters 6-12 expound on principles of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion. The last six chapters deal with Jnana Yoga, the Yoga of Knowledge.

Surprising Facts About Teenagers and Religion

It is a common misconception among Hindu parents that the word ‘religion’ must not be uttered at home, except when referring to other religions in a positive, inclusive way. Parents think that people in western countries do not talk to their kids about religion, and only religious fanatics do so.

Have Hindu Parents Lost Parental Authority Over Their Own Children: Voices from an Anguished Hindu Parent

Many of my readers are perceptive, un-deceived, knowledgeable, active, and if I may say, activist Hindus. None of this might be news to them. And yet, I realize, those of us in this small internet world of Hindu activism (and some real-world extensions too)… we speak so much about “conversions” and “love jihad” and unfriendly neighborhood.

Hindu festivals – An approach for kids

Hindu/Sanatana Dharma is often compared to an ocean. It is a way of life where you can find an embarrassment of riches to choose from on any given day, especially on festive days such as Sankranthi. We can remember that analogy to teach children how to approach the vast treasures that it offers.

Making Use of Summer Vacation

Children get two months of summer vacation every year. For parents, it means two months of all-day access to children, without the competing demands of school. One-sixth of the entire year is more than enough for an intelligent parent to influence them, guide their growth, and get them strongly connected to their roots.

A Letter To Concerned Hindu Indian American Parents

Dearest concerned Hindu Indian American parent, I hear stories of anguish that your American-born children have suddenly turned against you — worse, against Hinduism itself — after spending a semester or two in college. They are making stunning accusations about you and about Hinduism that leave you speechless.

A Letter to Concerned Hindu American College Students

How wonderful that Hindu student organizations are on U.S. college campuses. When I was an undergrad in the mid-nineties, they weren’t as prevalent. I wonder how that might have changed my journey, if a sangha could have helped me develop a more nuanced, critical Hindu lens earlier on in life.

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