Medieval India & Colonization

An course of Beautiful Tree Program

Hindu history is vital for gaining a comprehensive understanding of India, fostering Hindu identity, learning from the past, and developing critical thinking skills along with empathy. It enables us to appreciate our cultural heritage, make informed decisions, and shape a better future.

Studying the medieval history of India provides valuable insights into the cultural, architectural, socio-political, and religious developments of the time. It enriches our understanding of India’s heritage, fosters a sense of identity, and deepens our appreciation for the diverse historical forces that have shaped the current day Hinduism and India.

The Medieval India and colonization course covers the following modules:

  • Culture and colonization
  • Colonization of medieval India
  • Bhakti movement
  • Rajput Kings
  • Vijayanagara empire
  • The mighty Marathas-I
  • The mighty Marathas-II
  • Ahoms
  • The British colonization of India
  • The Indian independence
  • Heroes of Indian independence
  • Learning from colonization


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