Hindu Dharma Intermediate

An course of Beautiful Tree Program

Hindu cosmology and perspective on the nature of time is very unique in the sense that there is a great degree of overlap between the ancient understanding and modern sciences. Attributed to lineages of Rishis and preserved by an unbroken tradition of Guru parampara and sampradaya, this ancient understanding is reflected in our everyday life, traditions, practices and celebrations that have also considerably evolved over the time.

Hindu Dharma intermediate program focuses on these profound concepts. This course also explores the rich tapestry of Hindu values and their application to daily life. Included are thought-provoking discussions, interactive group activities, enabling kids to develop a personal sense of Dharma.

 The Hindu Dharma intermediate course consists of the following modules.

  • Hindu values – 1
  • Hindu values – 2
  • Living Hindu values
  • Rishi and their vision for the universe
  • Hindu concept of creation
  • Samsara and Maya
  • Hindu rituals
  • Hindu concept time & Hindu calendar
  • Hindu attitude towards ‘God’ – Fear, love or respect?
  • Understanding Hindu Intelligentsia – Rishi, Sanyasi, Guru, Brahmin etc.
  • Concept of Sampradaya


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