Hindu Dharma Basics For Parents

In today’s fast-paced world, Hindu parents may struggle to contextualize the nuances of Hinduism for their children.  Our Hindu Dharma basics course provides a solution for those seeking to deepen their understanding and pass on the religion’s rich heritage to their kids.
Led by experienced instructors, the course simplifies complex concepts and sheds light on common misconceptions prevalent among kids today.
Whether new to Hinduism or seeking to refresh your knowledge, this course is suitable for anyone looking to gain insight into this ancient and profound religion.  
This 12-week program will focus on the following:
  • Hindu dharma primer
  • Three core Hindu principles and their applicability to our living
  • Dharma and how it differs from religion
  • Hindu temples, spiritual practices, scriptures, and rituals
  • Hindu values and how to introduce them to kids through activities
The registrations for current batch is over. Kindly stay tuned to this page, for details on our next batches.
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