Hindu Civilization

An course of Beautiful Tree Program

Hindu civilization encompasses the rich heritage, culture, and contributions of the people who have adhered to the Hindu way of life over thousands of years. It is characterized by a diverse range of traditions, practices, philosophies, and social structures that have evolved and flourished on the Indian subcontinent.

Hindu civilization is not limited to a specific geographic area and has been influenced by and has influenced other civilizations throughout history. Its contributions continue to resonate across the world, reflecting its enduring legacy and cultural significance

The Hindu Civilization course includes the following modules.

  • Civilization
  • Vedic civilization
  • Indus valley Saraswati civilization
  • Aryan Invasion Theory
  • Continuity of Indian civilization
  • Diversity of Indian culture
  • Temples – their roles in Hindu civilization
  • Diversity in Hindu festivals & celebration
  • Hindu journey in the US
  • Hindu influence on the US
  • Hindu contribution to the US
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