Heritage Horizon: Hindu Youth Volunteering Project

Hindu high school students, specifically sophomores and above, are cordially invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration of Hindu Dharma, the rich civilization of India, and the contemporary challenges faced by Hindus worldwide. This unique opportunity, facilitated by Professor Lalita Subrahmanyan, aims to empower students to delve deeper into their cultural and civilizational heritage while honing their critical thinking and research skills.

Participating students will receive 25 hours of volunteering certification from Hindu Parents Network.

This inquiry project offers students a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of Hindu Dharma, Indian civilization, and the contemporary challenges faced by Hindus worldwide. By actively engaging in this process, students will not only enrich their own knowledge but also contribute to the collective learning and promotion of Hindu heritage.

We invite interested Hindu high school students to participate in this enriching journey of exploration and discovery. The guided collaborative self-reflective inquiry process will unfold over four to five weeks (Monday, July 8 to Friday, August 9)  with students dedicating 5-6 hours per week to the project, totaling approximately 24-25  hours.

The Project will include:

Brainstorming: Students will collectively brainstorm topics and areas of knowledge and skills they are eager to explore within the realms of Hindu Dharma with Indian civilization, and contemporary challenges Hindus face.

Scope, Definition, and Question Formulation: Through group discussions and guidance from Professor Subrahmanyan, students will refine and limit the scope to one topic, formulating insightful questions to guide their investigation.

Source Gathering: Students will be encouraged to seek out authentic and diverse sources of information, both primary and secondary. This may include personal self-reflection, interviews with family members, parents, community members, and exploration of written and digital resources.

Data Analysis: Utilizing simple qualitative methods, students will analyze the gathered data to extract meaningful insights and perspectives and draw preliminary conclusions.

Synthesis and Presentation: Drawing upon their research findings, students will synthesize the information into a comprehensive summary report and prepare for a presentation. This final output will serve as a valuable resource for both educational purposes within the Hindu community and promotional endeavors of the Hindu Parents Network (HPN).

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