Dharma & Social Justice

An course of Beautiful Tree Program

Social justice is a critical issue for today’s young generation. While there is no single approach to social justice within Hinduism, there are certain principles and teachings that can be applied to promote justice and equality for all, including nature and animal world.

While young Hindus are eager to contribute to host society, they are largely unaware that Hindu Dharma has an excellent social justice framework.

The Social Justice course includes the following modules.

  • Understanding the scope of social justice
  • Various frameworks for world peace and equality, their achievement and shortcomings
  • Egalitarian nature of Dharma
  • Rights vs responsibilities
  • Equality based on Dharma
  • Hindu feminism
  • Hindu masculinity
  • Hindu view on LGBTQ
  • Hindu views on animals’ & nature’s right
  • Seva & Karma Yoga for serving society
  • Use of Hindu values & historical characters example for social justice
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