Hindu parenting: Challenges, Perspective & Solutions

Hindu Parents Network is happy to present its first interactive Parenting Camp.

In this rapidly changing world, Hindu parents often face challenges that conventional parenting resources fail to address. As an organization of Hindu parents, for Hindu parents, run by Hindu parents, we are bringing experts and their unique perspectives to help Hindu parents navigate these contemporary challenges.

The camp is split into sessions that are designed to be a rich interactive learning experience replete with tips, tricks and tools for the modern age. We welcome you to join us and equip yourself to navigate the difficult world of modern Hindu parenting.

Programs schedule:
Day 1: Challenges of Hindu Parenting. Friday: 8 pm-10 pm ET

  • Interaction with Parents
  • Parenting challenges in the current time

Day 2: Essentials of Hindu Parenting. Saturday: 11 am-1 pm & 2 pm-4 pm

  • Parenting like Sita – Mothering from Ancient to Modern times
  • Conscious parenting
  • How to introduce Hindu dharma to kids

Day 3: Inspired Hindu Parenting. Sunday: 11 am-1 pm & 2 pm-4 pm

  • Spirituality & self-care for parents
    Hindu perspective on parenting
  • Solutions for effective parenting

Speaker Bio

Dr. Vivek Desai

A molecular biologist from Princeton University, Vivek also has a degree in Philosophy and a master’s degree in Sanskrit. Known to blend the best of East and the West, he is a modern voice for ancient wisdom. He is also an author with many works to his credit. He has developed ‘koSha’ a framework based on Hindu scriptures by which parents can impart holistic education to their children.

Dr. Shweta Singh

Author, Policy Analyst, Social Work Academic, Shweta wears many hats. She draws inspiration from the cheerful resilience and indomitable spirit of the women from the Indian subcontinent. Weaving her tales of raising happy and successful children around Hindu spirituality, holistic well-being, she has emerged as an important voice in this age where inner peace is in perpetual short supply.

Dr. Sukanya Sharma

Sukanya Sharma, D.O. has been a child & adolescent psychiatrist and educator. She is passionate about early education, diagnosis, and a holistic approach to treating children to optimize their physical and mental development. She has worked as a counselor consultant at a private Montessori school, working closely with teachers, students, and families. For the last 12 years, she has dedicated her time and experience to working with her son and special needs children.

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