Hindu Gods



5 (10 hrs.)


December 25 - 29th, 2023


2 pm to 4 pm EST


The Hindu “Gods” Online Winter Camp for ages 10-15 is a captivating virtual experience designed to introduce young participants to the fascinating world of Hindu deities.

Tailored to engage and educate pre-teens and teenagers, this camp explores the stories, symbolism, and significance of Hindu “Gods” and “Goddesses” through a series of interactive sessions, multimedia presentations, and engaging discussions.

The curriculum of the online winter camp strikes a balance between education and interactive activities, incorporating storytelling, quizzes, and creative activities to make the learning experience both informative and enjoyable.

Expert instructors will guide participants through age-appropriate discussions, providing context to the Hindu understanding of divinity. The camp encourages active participation, allowing young minds to ask questions, share their perspectives, and develop a deeper connection with the cultural and spiritual heritage embedded in the stories of Hindu “Gods”.

The Hindu “Gods” Online Winter Camp becomes a digital gateway for young minds to connect with the divine tales of Hinduism, fostering a holistic understanding of the cultural and spiritual significance of these revered figures.

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