Hindu Culture



5 (10 hrs.)


July 8 - 12 2024


11 am to 1:00 pm ET
8 am to 10 am PT


Hindu Parents Network is excited to offer a one-week online camp for middle schoolers (Ages 10-15) and teens- “Hindu Culture” as part of their BEAUTIFUL TREE PROGRAM.

In our modern fast-paced environment, Hindu parents often lack the time and knowledge to contextually explain the broader nuances of Hindu dharma to kids.

Though kids learn Hindu spiritual perspectives from temple programs in many cases, a nuanced understanding of the broader Hindu Dharmic framework is missing.

Hindu parents network seeks to address this need by offering a “Hindu Culture” program.  The camp will focus on the following:

  • Hindu Culture primer
  • Hindu customs and rituals
  • Festivals and their importance
  • Games, stories, and activities

Recording access will be available to all registered participants for one month.

Please register asap to save your spot!!!

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