Samskara Foundation

Description on website: The Samskara Foundation Inc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the education and promotion of traditional Indian knowledge system, languages, culture and way of life. Age Group For Children: 3-18 Summer Camps: Yes Workshop/Course: Yes Schools (physical): No Weekly Activities: Yes Programs being offered: Weekly worshops on Indian history, Hanuman Chalisa, …

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Aum School

Description on website: Aum Education Society of America, a non-profit organization, fills the need for Dharmic values in early childhood and elementary education by designing a curriculum integrated with mainstream subjects. We are a group of lifelong volunteers working in Hindu-American community organizations who want to provide families a school where children learn Dharmic values …

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Arya Samaj Schools and Programs

Description on website: The Arya Samaj is a society that cultivates strong ethical and moral values as well as advocates peaceful and productive human living. The organization is a global community whose members wish to be noble and are united in their unwavering devotion to the Universal Truth. The society promotes love, justice and righteousness …

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Agatsya Gurukul

Description on website: Agastya Gurukulam’s online home-school pursuits its vision of decolonized Indic education. Through this school, we attempt to revive the traditional Bharateeya method of education that flourished in the pre-Macaulay era across India. Through rigorous study of both Shastric works and modern subjects, and firm mooring in dharmic values, we hope to nurture …

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