Srishti – Yuva for Seva

Description on website: Srishti ( सृष्टि ) Foundation in Canada, is a registered not for profit organization, working for creation of a more vibrant, more giving society and inculcating a sense of Seva (selfless service) in our next generation. Driven by the ancient Indian teachings – “Vausdaiva Kutumbakam” (the whole world is one family) and “Nar seva Narayan seva” (Service to humanity is service to God), Srishti is founded on the three pillars of-
Seva – Inspire selfless service in the community, with focus on “yuva”.
Celebration – Celebrating ancient Indian festivals with its traditional symbols,fun and giving.
Culture – Promote self-development & leadership of our next generation through the study of ancient Indian heritage, its performing arts & traditions.

Age Group For Children: 5-16

Summer Camps: No


Schools (physical): No

Weekly Activities: Yes

Programs being offered: Self-development via a Children/Youth camp

Parents Classes:

Online programs: Yes

Physical Locations: Toronto,Ontario; London, Ontario

Web link:

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