Sri Meenakshi Temple Vedic Heritage School

Description on website: The Temple premises has Kalyana Mantapam, Youth Center, Visitors Center, Library, Cafeteria and an enclosure for Peacocks. The Vedic Heritage School’s curriculum uses textbooks that are devised by the Purna Vidya program authored by Sri Dhira Chaitanya and Swamini Pramananda.

Age Group For Children: 5-18

Summer Camps: No

Workshop/Course: Yes

Schools (physical): Yes

Weekly Activities: Yes

Programs being offered: 3 Assembly classes – Beginners Assembly, Basic Assembly and Advanced Assembly. This is determined based on the child’s class, parents’ feedback about the shlokas that their children know and the assembly teachers’ recommendations. An optional Mantram class, where specific Vedic mantrams such as Sri Rudram, Chamakam and Purusha Suktam.

Parents Classes:

Online programs: Yes

Physical Locations: Pearland, Texas

Web link:

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