Hindu University of America

Description on website: Hindu University of America seeks to nurture in its students a life-long love for learning and a quest to live a life in harmony with the world, that aligns their pursuit of critical thought and academic excellence with spiritual insight and inner development. It is the University’s aspiration that regardless of their culture of origin, students are empowered to think critically, inquire into who they are, search for an expanded sense of purpose and meaning in their lives, and explore the possibilities for constructive social engagement, making a difference and being of service to humanity.

Age Group For Children: 16 and above

Summer Camps: Yes

Workshop/Course: Yes

Schools (physical): Yes

Weekly Activities: Yes

Programs being offered: Certificates,Continuing education, Diplomas and Doctoral degrees in Hindu Studies, Sanskrit Studies, Texts and traditions, Post colonial Hindu Studies, History and methods, Conflict and Peace studies

Parents Classes:

Online programs: Yes

Physical Locations: Orlando, Florida

Web link: https://www.hua.edu/

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