Aum School

Description on website: Aum Education Society of America, a non-profit organization, fills the need for Dharmic values in early childhood and elementary education by designing a curriculum integrated with mainstream subjects. We are a group of lifelong volunteers working in Hindu-American community organizations who want to provide families a school where children learn Dharmic values along with academic excellence. We envision our students becoming tomorrow’s leaders, serving our community, our country, and all of humanity with these Dharmic values.

Age Group For Children: 3-18

Summer Camps: Yes

Workshop/Course: Yes

Schools (physical): Yes

Weekly Activities: Yes

Programs being offered: Pre School, Virtual Schooling, After School programs, Summer and Winter Camp, Weekend classes.
Sanskrit, Dharma & Heritage. Electives : Languages: Hindi, Marathi (K -5), Vedic Math (grade 2 – 5 only)

Parents Classes:

Online programs: Yes

Physical Locations: San Antanio, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Seattle

Web link:

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