Arya Samaj Schools and Programs

Description on website: The Arya Samaj is a society that cultivates strong ethical and moral values as well as advocates peaceful and productive human living. The organization is a global community whose members wish to be noble and are united in their unwavering devotion to the Universal Truth. The society promotes love, justice and righteousness towards all, irrespective of race, caste or creed, and follows the principles espoused in the Vedas, which are universally true for all of mankind.

Age Group For Children: 3-18

Summer Camps: Yes

Workshop/Course: No

Schools (physical): Yes

Weekly Activities: Yes

Programs being offered: school education, Yoga, Havan and various cultural programs such as Diwali, Holi, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Janmashthami, and Arya MahaSammelan

Parents Classes:

Online programs: No

Physical Locations: Houston, Texas; Ridgewood, New Jersey, Troy, Muchigan; Markham, Ontario

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