Mahabharata Immersion



12 (24 hrs.)


Sat (Jan 6-Mar 23)


11 am to 1:00 pm ET


Join the Hindu Parents Network for an enlightening 12-week course with Ami Ganatra, author of best-selling books – “Mahabharata Unravelled” and “Ramayana Unravelled.” Gain valuable insights and clarity on the Ved Vyasa Mahabharata from an authoritative source.

This is not your typical discourse on Mahabharata; it’s an in-depth analysis of often overlooked or misunderstood aspects of its events. All students (ages 12 and above) and adults are welcome to attend, and they are encouraged to bring questions to receive expert answers.  

In our 12 focused sessions, we will delve into key stories of the Mahabharata, excluding the Gita and Shanti Parva. Throughout this exploration, we’ll closely examine the character traits of major personalities, their motivations, and the profound consequences arising from their actions.

Location: Online zoom meeting

Going to miss some sessions? Recording of the sessions will be available for a period of one month.

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