Hindu Parents & Youth Summer Camp

Hindu Parents Network, in partnership with the Hindu Student Council, is delighted to present an onsite interactive Parenting & high schooler Camp.

The camp is divided into sessions meticulously crafted to provide a rich, interactive learning experience, brimming with tips, tricks, and tools tailored for the modern age. Additionally, we have integrated fun-filled games and invigorating yoga sessions into our program to promote holistic well-being and family bonding.

While parenting sessions will be led by HPN instructors, high schoolers will have the opportunity to join sessions led by HSC.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us and equip yourself with the skills to navigate the complex world of modern Hindu parenting.

Accommodation and food are covered in the registration fees. Open to parents, high schoolers & recent graduates.

Summer camp will start on Friday, May 31 at 5 PM ET till Sunday, June 2 at 5 PM ET. Possible options for  dropoff/pickup will be available on Friday and Sunday.





May 31 - Jun 2, 2024


Fri 5 pm (Check in)
Sun 5 pm (Check out)



Programs schedule for Parents:

Day 1:

  • Open interaction 
  • Guest Session

Day 2: 

  • Exploring Parenting Challenges in the Current Time
  • Delving into Conscious Parenting
  • Preparing Yourself and Your Teens for University Years
  • Presentation from HSC Youth for Parents

Day 3: 

  • Solutions for Effective Parenting
  • Conclusion
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