Hindu Dharma Basics Course

An introductory course of Beautiful Tree Program

Hindu parents often find themselves underprepared to contextually explain the broader nuances of Hindu dharma to kids. Typical temple programs targeting kids focus on their own Sampradayas and lack the nuanced understanding of the broader Hindu Dharmic framework that will initiate kids into the Dharmic way of thinking.

Hindu Dharma Basics is designed to address this very critical need through captivating stories, vibrant visuals, and interactive activities. Children will discover important concepts such as dharma, karma, and the presence of divinity in each of us. In short the program is a fun and engaging introduction to the wonderful world of Hinduism!

Designed specifically for young learners, this program offers an interactive and age-appropriate exploration of Hindu Dharma and an introduction to the Dharmic way of thinking. Our experienced instructors, skilled in working with young learners, will foster a supportive and nurturing environment, encouraging curiosity, creativity, and active participation. They will be available to answer questions, spark discussions, and provide guidance throughout the program.

Hindu Dharma Basics consists of the following modules:

  • Hinduism Intro 1
  • Hinduism framework 1
  • Hinduism framework 2
  • Dharma, Religion & Hinduism
  • Hindu Scriptures
  • Karma
  • Rebirth
  • Divinity in each individual
  • Hindu spiritual practices (Sadhana)- 1
  • Hindu spiritual practices (Sadhana)- 2
  • Hindu temples(why, how, and what)
  • Hindu “Gods”
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