School Curriculum

Portrayal of Hinduism in North American school curriculum

What is the problem with the content?


Portrayal of Hinduism based on discredited colonial and racist theories
Using negative stereotypes of Hindus and Hindu Culture
Describing modern India in ancient terms

Missing Information

The rich culture and literature of Hinduism
The scientific studies and accomplishments of ancient Hindu Scholars
The damage done to Hindu society by waves of colonizers

Misplaced Information

Reducing Hinduism to the ‘Caste – Curry – Cows’ framework
Presenting the actions of invaders and colonizers as positive contributions
Emphasizing negative aspects of Hinduism while ignoring similar negatives in other religions
HPN is working with several school districts to
  • Raise awareness of the issue
  • Develop partnership with school district and state educational authorities
  • Provide the voice of practicing Hindus to teachers and classrooms
HPN is also working with parents to
  • educate them on the issue
  • energize them to get involved in their school district and
  • encourage them to run for local office
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